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Corporate philosophy

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Company philosophy:integrity,development,innovation,accountability
Philosophy is essential to enterprise management. Forpetro especially emphasize that doing things must have the most basic moral principles, namely "honest man, pay attention to credibility; frank treatment,speak frankly and sincerely" .Win the trust from employees, customers and partners, establish credibility, have courage to take responsibility and earnestly fulfill commitments are the principles advocated by our company .
Company's overall guiding ideology must establish on the basis of the development. The development mainly includes: under the guidance of the original business philosophy, developing gradually from a single trade to the guidance, from a single petroleum machinery manufacturing industry to the resource industry and from a single trade to high and new technology.
Innovation is our company's development philosophy, including technological innovation, market innovation, operation philosophy innovation, company management innovation. The courage to face new problems, new trends, continuously learning and development, boldly try new things and new methods, not afraid of failure, constantly summarize experience and achieve cross-cutting leap. Innovation is not blind action, but bold action after the full discussion. To be bold in thought and be careful in operation. When your work is beyond your customer’s (including internal customers) satisfaction, you surely have gained some innovation.
In terms of responsibilities, what the company do and export firstly represent the country and the Chinese nation. Any single trade we do,firstly should be worthy of national honor and we should have the spirit of patriotism. As a company employee, we should be loyal to the company, be worthy of the treatment and care given by the company, be worthy of ourselves’ job and be worthy of our own responsibility in any job.We should measure individual contribution to the company by the benefits created for the company.