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Logistics trade

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In light of the current global economic trends and based on its marketing conditions, the management of the company decided to diversify its businesses. Several logistic centers focused on oil equipment accessories were built in already-developed markets in Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Such centers helped customers to solve their materials shortage problems, greatly reduced the costs for both the company and its clients, and increased the profitability for both sides.
After the company entered into the oil energy business in 2014, the chairman investigated local demands and industrial capacities and found the almost nonexistence of a logistics and supply industry. General Manager Liu Zhi has reached an agreement the royal members of Morocco regarding the establishment of a logistic center focused on oil equipment and accessories. The center shall enjoy preferential tax policies. The geographic location, favorable traffic conditions and preferential tax policies all combined to facilitate the company to expand its business to the industrially-disadvantaged Africa, oil-busy Middle East and economically prosperous Europe and America. Here grows a new business for the company.