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Arctic Trailer-mounted Drilling Rig

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·Adopting advanced AC-SCR-DC or Diesel drive.
·Wholly trailer mounted moving mode
·Triple -axles main trailer applies Good Year brand, model 29.5-25, width tires that is fit for low temperature ambient. Swinging arm balance beam suspension model, 560mm high from the ground, which is fit for the rough earth’s surface condition.
·Parallelogram and traction type substructure.
·Top drive is available for telescoping or K-shaped mast.
·Applicable temperature: -45℃~50℃.

Model ZJ30/1700DBT ZJ30/1700CT
Drilling depth, (m) 3000m(4-1/2”DP)
Max. Static hook load, kN(klbs) 1700(380) 1700(380)
Rated horsepower, drawworks, kw(Hp) 800(1000) 550(750)
Speed of drawworks Gear I or II stepless speed regulation 5F+1R
Type of drive AC-DC-AC CAT C15X2 drive by diesel engine
Main brake Hydraulic disk brake or dynamic braking Hydraulic disk brake or brand brake
Auxiliary brake Electromagnetic brake Eaton brake
Clear height, derrick type 32m, K type 39m, Telescoping 32m, K type 39m, Telescoping
Height, monkey board(above drill floor) 17.2m, 22.2m 17.2m, 22.2m
Height, drill floor 7m 6m
Opening size, rotary table Φ700mm(27-1/2”) Φ700mm(27-1/2”)
Traveling system 5x6 5x6
Dia., drilling line Φ29mm(1-1/8”) Φ29mm(1-1/8”)
Pumps 2x1000HP 2x1000HP