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Electric Drive Trailer-mounted Drilling Rig

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·Adopting advanced AC-SCR-DC or AC-DC-AC electric drive technology.
·The substructure adopts macro-modular assembly structure or drawworks (oil cylinder) powered rig up parallelogram structure.
·Top drive is available for telescoping or K-shaped mast.
·Power unit can be moved by wheels integrally or separately.
·The main frame can be moved integrally or separately, and the mast can be moved as a whole by wheels.
·Being highly modularized and of low cost, the number of moving is only about 1/3 of the normal one’s.
·Less work for disassembly and installation as well as working intensity for labor.
·The mobilization time is 75% shorter than a normal rig takes.

Model ZJ40/2250DT ZJ50/3150DBT ZJ50/3150DT ZJ70/4500DBT
Nominal drilling depth, (m) 127mm (5”)DP 2000-3200 2800-4500 2800-4500 4000-6000
(4 1/2”)DP
2500-4000 3500-5000 3500-5000 4500-7000
Max. hook load, kN(t) 2500 3150 3150 4500
Max. pull of fast line, (kN) 280 350 350 487
Line strung of hoisting system 10 10 12 12
Drill line diameter, (mm) 32 35 35 38
Drawworks power rating  (kw) 735 1100 1100 1470
Mast height, (m) 43 45 45 46.5