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VFD AC Drive Drilling Rig

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AC motor commutator absent is one of the advantages of the VFD AC drive rig which is sparkle less during work; In addition, wide speed adjustable range, high torque as well as bearing total load in the condition of null rpm are all its strengths. The VFD AC drive drilling rig is capable of simplifying mechanical transmission structure and realizing dynamic braking. The feature of VFD AC technology is composed of high control accuracy, high power factor, and strong compatibility and easy to realize automation as well as intellectualization and networking control.

Application of automatic drilling technology significantly improves the drilling efficiency and wellbore quality. Now, the VFD AC drive drilling rig has became the top choice in deep well and ultra-deep well drilling work.

Performance characteristics:
●Application of edge-cutting digital VFD AC technology intelligentizes drilling control through unit layout of PLC, touch panel and drilling instruments reading monitoring gas, electricity, drilling fluid and drilling work data.
●The rig driven by broadband high power motor is able to complete full range variable speed of drawworks, rotary table and mud pump.
●Drawworks depends on sole axle gear transmission, one or two shaft step less speed regulation, which is featured by simple structure and reliable performance. Hydraulic disc brake and motor dynamic brake are jointly used.
●The automatic drilling is realized by drawwoks which makes use of main motor or independent motor, during which instantly monitoring the working condition of tripping and drilling is realized.
●Application of intelligent soft start equipment and PLC module protects and monitors the MCC system.
●Intellectualized position control of travelling block plays a function as preventing from bumping up and down.
●Possess the protect function in the condition of gas and fluid pressure loss, electrical control system and motors breakdown, rotary table torque and pump pressure limitation etc.
●Independent driller’s cabin is available. Unified lay out the pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic and drilling parameter instruments. Complete logical control, monitoring and protection to the whole drilling course through PLC as well as realize data reservation, printing and teletransmissioin at the same time, which means the drillers can finish all the operations in the driller’s cabin, which not only enhance the driller’s working atmosphere but also release the labor intensity.
●Top drive is available.
●Overall-moving sliderail can be equipped to satisfy the requirements of moving rig among well sites when drilling cluster well. 

Model ZJ30/1700DB ZJ40/2250DB ZJ50/3150DB ZJ70/4500DB ZJ90/6750DB
Drilling depth 3000m (4-1/2”DP)  2500m (5” DP) 4000m (4-1/2”DP) 3200m (5” DP) 5000m (4-1/2”DP)  4500m (5” DP) 7000m (4-1/2” DP)
6000m (5” DP)
9000m (4-1/2”DP)  8000m (5” DP)
Max. Static hook load 1700kN/ (380 klbs) 2250kN (500 klbs) 3150kN (700klbs) 4500kN (1000 klbs) 6750kN (1,500 klbs)
Rated power, draw works 600 kw (750Hp) 800 kw (1000Hp) 1100 kw (1500Hp) 1470 kw (2,000Hp) 2240 kw (3000Hp)
Speeds of drawworks Gear I or II stepless speed regulation Gear I or IV stepless speed regulation Gear I stepless speed regulation Gear I stepless speed regulation Gear I or II stepless speed regulation
Main brake Hydraulic disk brake or dynamic braking Hydraulic disk brake Hydraulic disk brake Hydraulic disk brake Hydraulic disk brake
Auxiliary brake Electromagnetic brake Electromagnetic brake Electromagnetic brake  Electromagnetic brake Dynamic brake
Clear height, derrick 33m ,41 m 44m 45m 45m 46m
Height, monkey board (above drill floor) 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m 24.5m,25.5m,26.5m 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m
Height, drill floor 5m,6m 7.5m 9m 9m,10.5m 10.5m,12m
Opening size, rotary table Φ520.5 mm (20-1/2”) Φ698.5mm (27-1/2”) Φ952.5 mm (37-1/2”) Φ952.5 mm (37-1/2”) Φ952.5mm (49-1/2”)
Traveling system 5×6 5×6 6×7 6×7 7×8
Dia., drilling line Φ29 mm (1-1/8”) Φ32 mm (1-1/4”) Φ35 mm (1-3/8”) Φ38 mm (1-1/2”) Φ45 mm (1-7/8”)
Pumps 2×1000HP 2×1300HP 2×1600HP 2×1600HP 3×1600HP