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Vacuum degassing device

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FPZCQ series vacuum degassing device is a special equipment to deal with gas invasion drilling fluid. It can quickly remove all kinds of gas invading into drilling fluid. It plays an important role in recovering mud proportion and stabilizing mud performance.

Tank diameter 920mm
Processing capacity ≤270m3/h ≤360m3/h
vacuum degree -0.02  ~ -0.04Mpa
Treatment efficiency ≥95%
Main motor power 22kW 37kW
Auxiliary motor power 7.5 kW
speed 700RPM 860RPM
Explosion proof standard EXdⅡBt4/IEC EX/A-TEX
Size of suction mouth DN150
Outlet size DN200
weight 1730kg 1870kg
Outline size 長X寬X高:2100x1605x1729mm