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Desander is processing two drilling fluid equipment, mainly used in drilling fluid separation size is 47 ~ 76 m particles, according to the requirement of processing flexibility to choose 1 ~ 10 inch 3 combined cyclone desander. This company produces the desander has convenient maintenance, compact design, space saving etc..

Model FPZS703E-D2S FPZS703E-3S FPZS752E-1S/2S FPWSE-2S/3S
Processing capacity 1056GPM
1584GPM(360m3/h) 120 /240 m3/h 240 /360 m3/h
Number of cyclones 2 3 1/2 2/3
Size of cyclone 10inch
Working pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa
Matching vibrating screen FPZS703E FPZS752E  
Separation granularity 40~100μm
Import size 6inch(150mm)
Exit size 8inch(200mm)
Explosion proof standard EXdⅡBt4/IEC EX/ATEX
weight 1888kg 1964kg 1048/1105kg 502/559kg
Outline size mm 2419x2199x1656 2419x2113x2066 1674x1682x1802 2177x1000x1901