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screw pump

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The screw pump is the ideal equipment for the liquid supply of the centrifuge. The mud is carried out evenly in the axial direction, the flow rate is low, the volume remains the same, the pressure is stable, so it will not produce eddy current and agitation. The screw pump produced by our company has the characteristics of small volume and easy maintenance.

Model flow pressure Motor power Maximum speed Import size Exit size Explosion proof standard weight
Outline size
FPG10A-040 10 m3/h
0.3Mpa 4kW 244r
3inch 3inch EXdⅡBt4/IEC EX/A-TEX 245 2245x320x550
FPG20A-055 20 m3/h
0.3Mpa 5.5kW 210 r/min 3inch 3inch 323 2450x340x562
FPG30A-075 30 m3/h
0.3Mpa 7.5kW 258
4inch 4inch 386 2761x370x665
FPG40A-110 40 m3/h
0.3Mpa 11kW 252
5inch 5inch 454 3270x370x665
FPG50A-110 50 m3/h
0.3Mpa 11kW 273
5inch 5inch 608 3790x400x782
FPG60A-150 60 m3/h
0.3Mpa 15kW 225
5inch 5inch 649 3322x550x740
FPG70A-220 70 m3/h
0.3Mpa 22kW 230
6inch 6inch 875 3740x420x785
FPG80A-220 80 m3/h
0.3Mpa 22kW 283
6inch 6inch 875 3740x420x785
FPG90A-220 90 m3/h
0.3Mpa 22kW 205
6inch 6inch 875 3740x420x785