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High Efficient Bridge Plug Mill Shoes

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FP-QS series high efficient bridge plug mill shoes are made of the same materials and processed by the same craft with flat bottom mill shoes. Besides the characteristics of the flat bottom mill shoes, it is very efficient in handling with bridge plugs. It is divided into three, four and five wings.

Technical Characteristics:
(1) It is made of superior imported alloy, with high hardness, high impact resistance and good abrasion resistance.
(2) Fast milling speed and long total footage.
(3) Good bridge plug handling effect.

Technical Specifications and Parameters
Model Applicable casing Applicable junk Operation parameter Connection
FP-QS 3-1/2"-13-3/8" Metal, nonmetal, pole which has hard material in the center Use of medium, light drilling pressure and medium, high speed operation Manufactured according to tool OD and customer requirement